IzumiTetsu Korekara
Tetsu as depicted by Kono_
Japanese 和泉 鉄 (Izumi Tetsu)
Also known as Symph (old alias)
Gender Male
Origin Philippines
Age 11

(2006-01-23) January 23, 2006 (age 13) [citation needed]

Status Active
Years active 2017-present
YT channel


Collab partner(s) Elysian♫Melodies
Other activities Playing the piano, composing, arranging

Izumi Tetsu (和泉 鉄) is a Youtaite who doesn't really have a goal in mind. Though he's like that, and he's not good with leadership, he still tries to get Elysian♫Melodies together. He's not that confident, and he's clumsy. He's forgetful and well... nothing is really special about him. But he still believes that he can find the true essence of himself by composing original songs for Elysian♫Melodies.

Tetsu has a very deep voice, and his uncle in this community (Luce) is always saying that he's cute when he's singing a higher octave than his normal range.

He doesn't have much collabs as he just started 4 months ago. But his favorite duet partner will be Cookie. Tetsu's cousin ship Cookie and him because of their Sentimental Love Heart duet. (It's listed below.)

This are the reasons why he decided to become a youtaite:

  • He wanted to sing original songs alongside other members.
  • He was charmed when he first heard Magicolle's R1 entry, Yume no Katachi, and thought that they were a cover group. Magicolle is actually a group on the cb LSO or Lyrica System Online. (Yes, I am a Magicolle Fan.)
  • I actually forgot... but as soon as I remember I'll add them here!

The one thing special about Tetsu is his passion. He doesn't care if a thing is late, what's important is it's done! He's currently a Mixer, Animator, Artist (Lineart) and a Vocalist in E♫M, but he'll find staff as soon as possible.

Tetsu, being unable to pronounce English fluently, prefers to sing in Japanese. His vocabulary is below average too. Tetsu is a big fan of Idol Anime. He often covers idol songs and most of his content in his channel is related to idols.

Since Tetsu is only 11 (as of today, December 22, 2017), his friends in this community often tell him that he's the youngest youtaite they know. This makes Tetsu shy and flustered.

Finished Collabs Edit

  1. HRRCB (LoveLeague)
  2. Sentimental Love Heart (I sung this with Cookie)
  3. Daydream Warrior (A chorus made by A11KO)

List of Covered SongsEdit


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