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Tashaj4de as seen in her cover of Sweet Cendrillion Drug Remix
Also known as Tasha Jade
Gender Female
Origin Philippines
Status Active
Years active 2014-Present
YT channel

Jade Tasha Jade (main)

Other activities Artist

tashaj4de or Tasha Jade is a Filipino Youtaite who participates more actively as an artist rather than a vocalist. She normally sings from a mid-high range, covering Vocaloid songs with a slightly fast beat. Due to her slight lisp, she stumbles over the lyrics for fast songs.

Most of her covers are Vocaloid songs and occasionally OSTs. She covers songs in both English and Japanese, and has yet to upload any Tagalog songs she has covered.

Affiliations and Collaboration Projects Edit

  1. Q/taites - Artist (1st song and 2nd song)
  2. Blessings (Multilingual) - Artist
  3. "Senbonzakura (ICBM Remix)" (2015.11.11)

List of Covered Songs Edit

  1. "Toeto (eng cover)" (2013.6.8)
  2. "daze (eng cover)" (2014.4.26)
  3. "如月アテンション (Kisaragi Attention eng cover)" (2014.10.6) (SC Upload)
  4. Karaoke Challenge (2014.10.16)
  5. "Friday's Good Morning (Short cover)"(2014.10.24)
  6. "Common World Domination (Eng cover)"(2014.11.7) (SC Upload) *No music
  7. "Shoddy Utopia Policy" (2015.1.6)
  8. "Egomama (Short cover)" (2015.2.23) (SC Upload)
  9. "Popipo" (2015.1.25) (SC Upload)
  10. "Tribute to Monty Oum" (2015.2.3) (SC Upload) *No music, school song
  11. "Goodbye (CircusP)" (2015.2.24)
  12. "Coward Montblanc (Short cover)" (2015.4.23) (SC Upload)
  13. "Spice" (2015.6.17)
  14. " いかない (Ikanaide Eng cover)" (2015.7.26) (SC Upload)
  15. "Everyone wants to be a cat (Sing along)" (2015.8.11) (SC Upload)
  16. "Delusion Tax (Acoustic ver)" (2015.9.9)
  17. "独りの君と一人の僕に (short ver)" (2015.11.9) (Box upload)
  18. "Sweet Sweet Cendrillon Drug remix" (2015.12.19)
  19. "Toeto トエト (eng cover)" (2016.3.9)
  20. "Sky's the limit (P4 the animation OP)" (2016.4.5)
  21. "For that Trash Can (こちら、幸福安心委員会です。 Parody)" (2016.6.12)
  22. "イヤホンと蝉時雨 eng ver (Earphones and a Chorus of Cicadas)" (2016.7.20)
  23. "カミイロアワセ Kami iro Awase (TV size)" (2016.11.21)
  24. "クノイチでも恋がしたい Kunoichi Demo Koi ga Shitai (eng ver)" (2016.12.23)

Trivia Edit

  • Her first cover was uploaded in 2013, yet she did not acknowledge being part of the community until late 2014
  • She has three UTAUs, one of them having the same name as hers and uploads a number of covers of them in her SoundCloud
  • She has a slight lisp, so she cannot say "s" sounds properly
  • She likes to insert random humming and/talking in the middle of her covers
  • Some of her UTAU chorus covers have her singing/talking one of the lines
  • She's a fan of the series Kagerou Project/Mekakucity Actors, Danganronpa, Persona, Shuuen no Shiori and Mikagura School Suite.


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