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Senbonzakura千本桜 (そぞこ)

Senbonzakura千本桜 (そぞこ)

Senbonzakura sung by Sozoko

Sozoko (そぞこ) is a fairly new Youtaite as well as to the community. She only recently started her YT Channel in May 2016. Sozoko mainly sings her covers sometimes in a calm voice but also in a high-pitched voice but she's very shy so she rarely sings in a high-pitched voice. She has a habit of changing notes very quickly during her covers. She gets very hyper when singing, almost to the

Screen Shot 2016-10-10 at 16.00.32

Sozoko's current new profile pic on YT

point where she misses lyrics and ends up mumbling. She can scream a lot but she does't do it in her Youtube covers. 

Sozoko そぞこ

Sozoko そぞこ as depicted by Sozoko
English Sozoko
Also known as Mayo-chan
Gender Female
Origin Australia
Age 16 years
Born 2000 [citation needed]
Status Youaite
Years active 2016
NND sites NND user page
YT channel

Sozoko (main)
そぞこ (

Other activities Singing, dancing, drawing as well surfing the internet when she's bored.

Her voice is described somewhat cute and smoothing. In some covers, she can change to a sort of mature voice.

She mainly likes singing in Japanese. She has only done one English Vocaloid cover during the start of May.

However, she's has only started posting more covers daily on her Channel, spending more time on the Smule Community.

Her covers are getting better.

She is now mainly posting Figure Skating covers mainly on YOI(Yuri on ice songs)

List of Songs Covered:

  1. Lost one weepingEnglish version (2016.05.21)
  2. Outer science-アウターサイエンス(Cover)【Sozoko】 (23 May 2016) OLD
  3. Unravel(Tokyo Ghoul) Japanese(2016.05.13
  4. Unravel(Tokyo Ghoul acoustic Japanese)(2016.05.21
  5. Outer Sciene (2016.05.13
  6. Ghost Rule(2016.06.01
  7. Gigantic O.T.N(2016.06.01) PRIVATE AT THE MOMENT
  8. マトリョシカ-Matryoshka Duet Cover (10 Jul 2016)
  9. 【東京喰種- guitar version+Uta_Dragneel】(3 July 2016)
  10. A Tale of Six Trillion Years and a Night(2016.09.02)
  11. エイリアンエイリアン Alien Alien(2016.09.03)
  12. PONPONPON(2016.09.04)
  13. {Sozoko}Law-evading Rock(Japanese cover) (Sep 13, 2016)
  14. Dan Dan Hayaku Naru (そぞこ)だんだん早くなる( Oct 6, 2016)
  15. Senbonzakura千本桜 (そぞこ) (Oct 6, 2016)
  16. 『善善前世byそぞこ-Zen Zen Zense』 (Oct 12, 2016)
  17. 『ROLLING GIRL COVER』by そぞこ (Oct 22, 2016)


  • She idolises Akatin and wishes to hopefully meet him one day.
  • She has a weak spot for cats
  • She has an obsession with Mayonnaise according to her many pictures
  • She does Figure Skating and is now doing Ice skating vids and dance covers
  • Her nationality is Thai
  • she prefers singing in high notes and likes to scream a lot
  • She is Semi-fluent in Japanese
  • She secretly has a virtual crush on Kaito and once made a whole MMD video dedicated to him, downloading so many Kaito models that it crashed the program.
  • She wants to live in Japan, Tokyo.


Sozoko old profile picture seen on Youtube The unofficial cat name was Chin-chan before it got changed to Ano-chan (blue in Japanese)



Sozoko seen on her Twitter profile!