Japanese Snivy 信行 (Snivy Nobuyuki)
Gender Male
Origin Republic of the Philippines
Born April 28[citation needed]
Status Active
Years active 2014-present
YT channel

SnivyNobuyuki (main)

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Collab partner(s) SHIROU, Zelnut
Snivy Nobuyuki or Snivy is a Filipino Youtaite singer known for his clear yet mellow voice and dynamic range. His voice can go considerably high and into more feminine tones- as such, he is categorized as a ryouseirui. His higher and more feminine register is shown in his cover of Toluthin Antenna. in 2015. He mainly covers songs in Japanese, but has also sang in his native language, Filipino/Tagalog. His covers are usually that of Anime OSTs to Vocaloid originals.

His most popular cover as of 2016 is that of STEREO DIVE FOUNDATIONS's "Daisy" having at least 7K views in Youtube.

He started his singing career as of 2012, as influenced by his classmates and is currently one of the most active Filipino Youtaites at present. He has also performed live, as shown in his cover of Ling Tosite Sigure's Unravel in 2014.

Collaborations and AffiliationsEdit

  1. "Suki Kirai" -Duet w/ Natsu-
  2. "The girl who fell in love with red riding hood" -Duet w/ Natsu-
  3. "Jabberwocky Jabberwocka" -Duet w/ Nyachii-
  4. "Nakimushi Kareshi" -Duet w/ Nyachii-
  5. "Sarishinohara" Derp Squad ver.
  6. "Love is an Open Door" -Duet w/ Riza
  7. "Sarishinohara" 【5人】 サリシノハラ 「For Hailyn」
  8. "Tokyo Summer Session" 【6人合唱】東京サマーセッション / Tokyo Summer Session【歌ってみた】
  9. "Connecting" Happy New Year!
  10. "Okochama Sensou" 【ShinChii】
  11. "おなじ話" 【Snivy x Youh】
  12. "Romeo and Cinderella" 【Buttrekt Revolution】
  13. "Deadline Circus" 【Rice△Village】
  14. "Senbonzakura" 【Snivy x Youh x Shiro】
  15. "反逆リスペクト/Hangyaku Respect" 【HBD Yoshi!】
  16. "shake it! -English & Rap- を歌ってみた 【ButaUsagi ft. Densha & Snivy】 TY FOR 430+ SUBS"
  17. "Torinoko City トリノコシティ - Youtaite Nine Person Chorus (9人) "
  18. "【SCB2-R1】心とかいう名前の未発見の臓器の機能についての考察【IchiNiRoku】 "
  19. "【SCB2-R2】 STYX HELIX【IchiNiRoku】 "
  20. "【メロンパン69 x Snivy】ぼうけんのしょがきえました!歌ってみた "
  21. "【10人】アイネクライネ HBD lena!! "
  22. "愛Dee / Ai Dee『ambo x snivy』100+ SUB!☆ "
  23. "【MDB-R1】Worlds Collide【BotB】 "

List of Covered SongsEdit

  1. "Just the way you are" (private)
  2. "Soundless Voice" (private)
  3. "Reflect" (private)
  4. "Pierrot" -DC ver.-
  5. "Servant of Evil" -English ver.-
  6. "Spice"
  7. "Confession Rival Declaration"
  8. "Kawaii Voice Meme"
  9. "Connect Op. Magica Madoka"
  10. "Kyoukain no Kanata Op"
  11. "Daisy" Kyoukai no Kanata Ed
  12. "My Treasure" Date Alive 2 Fan made Lyrics
  13. "Unravel" Dj jo (panned on the left)
  14. "Unravel" Karaoke Contest
  15. "Ima suki ni naru" -piano ver-
  16. "Let me Hear" -Tv size- -Dj jo-
  17. "pet❤me!"
  18. "Yuukei Yesterday" -Tagalog ver-
  19. "Ai Kotoba" -Piano ver-
  20. "Senbonzakura" -Acoustic & Pitched down-
  21. "From Y to Y"
  22. "Kawaranai Mono"
  23. "Ai no Scenario"
  24. "ReBoot" -Duet w/ MeZu and Alzhuware-
  25. "Tokyo Teddy Bear" -100 Subs special-
  26. "Daisy" -Dj jo ver-
  27. "ピエロ" -piano ver-
  28. "Kimi Janakya Dame Mitai" -Tv size-
  29. "Aishiteru"
  30. "A Solution for jealosy"
  31. "The Nameless Song"
  32. "Kokoronashi"
  33. "Doremifa Rondo"
  34. "Post - Script" HBD Youh~
  35. "Kuroneko"
  36. "Fukkireta"
  37. "Glow" 【HBD Kururu!】 Piano & Strings Acoustic
  38. "Senbonzakura" Piano - Ballad
  39. "Daze"
  40. "Hatsune Miku High Range test 【HAPPY 250~】 "
  41. "Villainous Self Riser / 無頼ック自己ライザー"
  42. "Aishiteru Banzai!"
  43. "Tengaku"
  44. "My Dearest" Tv size
  45. "Eine Kleine" piano ver.
  46. "World Lampshade"
  47. "Shooting Star"
  48. "Ghost Rule"
  49. "Shiwa" Happy valentines day!
  50. "Berserk"
  51. "Akaito"
  52. "誰も知らないハッピーエンド"
  53. "ココロの質量 The Weight of a Heart"
  54. "Reflect / リフレクト"
  55. "No Trespassing/立ち入り禁止"
  56. "Jailbreak"
  57. "Life is full of Goodbyes/さよならだけが人生だ "
  58. "脱法ロック - Dappou Rock"
  59. "ぼくらのレットイットビー| Our Let It Be"
  60. "「すーぱーぬこになりたい」 Super Nuko Ni Naritai"
  61. "Ambiguity Avoidance 『曖昧さ回避』"
  62. "家有大貓遊戲主題曲 「舉頭三尺天氣晴」"
  63. "夢灯籠 / Dream Lantern "
  64. "【Happy New Year!】History Maker / Yuri on ice OP"
  65. "TAEYANG - Eyes, Nose, Lips 【ENG/JPN】"
  66. "Donor song ドナーソング"
  67. "your song- Ayaha (綾葉) 【Snivy】【OneShot】 "
  68. "Dear Doppelganger / 拝啓ドッペルゲンガー 【Snivy】 "
  69. "[1]"
  70. "= Hf77kuRjSp4【歌ってみた】「Heaven」【Snivy】 "
  71. "/ It was a good day to die【歌ってみた】 "
  72. "[2]"
  73. "HIBANA | ヒバナ【歌ってみた】"


  • He likes cats.[source needed]
  • He has a sweet tooth.[source needed]
  •  He plays League of Legends and his main champions are Jinx and Ezreal.[source needed]
  •  His favorite games are Legend of Zelda, and Pokemon.[source needed]
  •  He Idolizes Ehmz, Sojiro, Rib, 96Neko, Kogeinu, and MafuMafu.[source needed]
  • His favorite Vocaloid is Kagamine Len.[source needed]
  • He listens to Ken Ashcorp Music.[source needed]
  • A school mate introduced to him Vocaloid.[source needed]
  • He's a furry and his fursona's are SkYE and S.S. Takuma (UTAU) who is a wolf and a cat
  • Snivy is like ivy but mostly they pronounce it as Sneevi.
  • He is currently taking up a Bachelors degree in Advertising
Arts in a university

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