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Gender Female
Origin America
Status Active
Years active 2013 - present
A sample of a cover song by ShyValentine
"1925", composed by T-Pocket

ShyValentine is an American YouTube singer (youtaite) known for her ability to sing in English, French and Japanese. She joined Youtube in 2013 and has been singing ever since. She mainly only cover songs from Vocaloid and Disney. ShyValentine has improved vocally, while maturing as she reaches her years as a young adult.

ShyValentine enjoys listening to music while at classes, but also prefers to doodle or play games like Yandere Simulator. She spends most of her days with her two dogs and family, often texting her long-distance boyfriend and  making plans for their time together when they get to be with the other.

ShyValentine is semi-fluent in French, her University major, and can understand basic Japanese (her minor). She hopes to be a foreign language teacher and to be able to teach abroad at some point in her life. No matter what she does, she hopes to be able to sing on her channel for as long as possible.

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This singer is not a part of any existing collaborations, but is open to them.

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