About SSCB - Sudden Surprise Chorus Battle Edit

Sudden Surpr❣se Chorus B❤ttle [SSCB] (TW) (YT) is an online music competition that targets the Youtaite community. SSCB-V event (Valentines event) is the first Sudden Surpr❣se Chorus B❤ttle event, and hope to host more sudden events in the future. SSCB tends to focus on surprising participant so as audience. Procedures changes throughout future events. Basically this was all a spur of the moment thing.

To break it down even further, SSCB basically having random CBs/Events at random times which will either have 1 round if we’re busy or 3, and each SS❣CB will have prizes and twists to make it more of a “surpr❣se”.

Judges Edit

  1. Aya - TW
  2. Kunjido-kun - TW
  3. Mizore - TW
  4. Koneko - TW

Events Edit

The first event: Valentines of 2014

Event V - Valentines event Edit

Round 1 (Last Round): Video

Starts: Valentines

Ends: White Day


A word that shines so bright,  It twinkles like the stars at night A word so loving and precious,  Whenever I see it, I go breathless.

SSCB-V event have the total of 52 teams signed up for its Last Round!

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