(Please read the Tutorial page for guidelines and how the page should be before you start editing or adding pages.)

art by artists Hino, Tama, Souta Kuwahara, and Buzz
Below are the minimum requirements for creating a page here. A large objective of this wiki is to promote new or otherwise unpopular Youtaites, thus the requirements are low- the reason why requirements are implemented is to prevent spam and irrelevant pages. Only pages created by the Admins are excluded from the Requirements (to a certain extent).

If you make a page that does not meet the requirements (unless an Admin has given you permission to do so), your page will be deleted.


  1. Do NOT create empty pages, stub pages or useless pages. You are responsible for finishing the page you created. If you want a page to be deleted, PM any admin or use the "Template:Delete" template on top of your page and wait for an Admin to delete it. Any unfinished pages or pages that do not give required details can, and most likely will, be deleted by the Admins.
  2. The Youtaite must be a singer to some extent in order to qualify for a page on this wiki.
  3. You must use the required template provided on the Tutorial page.
  4. Any Youtaite must have at LEAST 5 public covers on YouTube to qualify for a page here.
  5. At least 3 covers must be of Japanese origin. The lyrics sung do not have to be in Japanese.
  6. At least a portion of the covers must be of Vocaloid origin.
  7. The Youtaite must have at LEAST 50 subcribers. (Inapplicable before 10/11/16)
  8. The Youtaite must have their own account on Youtube.
  9. When creating a page for a Youtaite (even if for yourself), please put proper sources to statements and claims.
  10. Your page MUST have a link to the Youtaite's Youtube channel.

The following are things that the Admins request to keep comfort and professionalism:

  1. Please do not use terms like "shota-" and "loli-"(con)*1 because the origins of these terms stem from things expressing attraction to young children. Please also do not refer to yourself or others as pedophiles in a positive or joking manner. Minors are a part of the community, too- including two of the Admins.
  2. Please do not use terms like the N word, the term tr*p (a replacement is 'ryouseirui'), using j*p as a shortening for Japanese*2, or anything similar to those that may be taken in a similar way. These are oftentimes considered slurs, and Youtaite Wiki should be as safe as possible for everyone. Please also avoid swears in general, as we'd like to keep things professional!

These will be removed from your page if they show, but they won't get your page removed entirely unless deemed absolutely necessary. You may, however, get a warning or notice from the Admins.

As mentioned at the beginning of the page, this wiki encourages new Youtaites and those who are not yet noticed by the community. However, if you would like to add those who are already well recognized such as those on the Utaite wiki, you are free to do so as well- but note that the Utaite/Youtaite has to be active on Youtube. If you copy a Youtaite page from Utaite wiki, give credit to the source. Not doing so will be considered plagiarism by the Admins and we will take action.

If you do not meet any of the above specified requirements but wish to create a page for yourself here, you can message any of the Admins (or contact us via social media if available) and specify the reason; we will consider giving you an exception!

The Admins may edit pages for wording*3, fixing links, and the like; we may also delete any pages that are unfinished.


(*1 = Alternatives to "shota" and "loli" can be "boyish", "girlish", "childlike", "youthful", "moe", etc.)
(*2 = If you would like to shorten the word "Japanese", using "JP"/"JPN"/"JPNse" as opposed to "j*p" is a simple and easy alternative!)
(*3 = Please don't worry about your grammar/wording if English is not your first language or if you cannot speak it well for any other reason! The mods will fix that for you on request or if they just happen to get around to it. It will not get your page removed, it's just for accessibility and professional reasons.)