Phil Kaiiku
Phil as drawn by Eri Symphonia
English Phil Kaiiku
Languages English, French
Also known as Kai, Kaiiku, かいいく, Phil かいいく
Gender Male
Origin Canadian
Born May 12, 1995
Status Active
Years active 2015 - present
YT channel Phil かいいく  (Main)
Collab partner(s) Sunne, FlutterBun, Kurumi, Project_NakuNaku
Other activities


Phil かいいく or Phil Kaiiku is a Canadian YouTube singer known for his soft and emotional covers. He mainly covers songs in both Japanese & English. The songs covered are from popular vocaloid producers and anime endings/openings. He is known for his very emotional singing, and ability to express meanings in songs at a level that brings tears to people's eyes.

He has stated that he has had minimal music training, and instead relies on learning songs and mixing techniques by ear and experimentation.

He has collaborated with several other YouTaite, some of which he got inspired from.


  • Microphone - Audio Technica AT2020 USB
  • Monitors - Audio Technica ATH-M50X
  • DAW - Adobe Audition CC & extra plugins
  • Animation software - Adobe After Effects CC

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  • He's a huge fan of "Shiba Inu" dogs.
  • He loves acoustics and emotional/meaningful songs and he tries to convey the feelings as best he can.
  • He is known to be rather friendly and talkative throughout various social medias.
  • He studies Computer Science and hopes to become a game developer one day.
  • He has only taken vocal lessons for roughly two months.
  • He occasionally mixes covers for others.
  • He is able to screamo.
  • He is currently dating Sunne [1] and has mentioned future duets with her on Ask.FM.

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