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PING / ピング
Japanese ピング
Illust by Drika Ally
Also known as Victor, Vitrola, Lucas

Vih, Victhelazy

Gender Male
Origin Brazil
Born April 07, 2000
Status Active
Years active 2015 - PRESENT
YT channel VicTheLazy β
Other activities UTAU Voicer, Student
Audio FL Studio; Audacity
Video Sony Vegas Pro; AviUtl
Vocal Range G2 - E4

About Edit

Ping / ピング is a Brazilian Youtube Singer. He have a voice that varies a lot depending on the musical style, sings calm and soft styles to melodramatic rocks and the famous Japanese Enka style. Joined as youtaite around 2015, it's been on youtube since 2009. His main focus are J-pop style songs, J-rock, Vocaloid, endings and openings from animes. Ping improved a lot since his first cover as youtaite.

In cultural events that occur in the city that he lives, it is often his participation singing songs in several languages ​​and styles, but the most coveted are Vocaloid style songs.

Because of his good diction and knowledge of phonetics, Ping does not find many barriers to singing in Japanese. His focus on covers is the Japanese language, however, we can find covers of he singing in other languages, such as: Portuguese (his mother language), English, German, Italian and French (specifically operas).

List of Covered Songs on Youtube Edit

  1. "Steven Universo - Abertura 20s Style"
  2. "Teen Titans Opening - Japanese【TV SIZE COVER】"

Ping does not usually post directly to Youtube[1]

List of Covered Songs on Soundcloud Edit

  1. "鉄腕アトム - 1980s Opening" - 2016
  2. "Hoshi no Kakera" - 2016
  3. In Summer - Frozen (BR-Portuguese Version) - 2016
  4. "Chandelier - Short cover" - 2016
  5. "Love is an Open Door (Portuguese Version)"-2015
  6. "Pokemon Best Wishes - Opening 1" - 2015
  7. "The Snow Princess Is..." - 2015
  8. "Random stuff" - 2015

Trivia Edit

  • Ping real name is Victor Lucas.
  • He is 159cm.
  • He like the Green color.
  • His Portuguese accent is neutral[2].
  • He has difficulties with the Chinese language[3].
  • He have a UTAUloid, his name is Victor Miyakawa Yoshiyuki.
  • He can pronounce up to 7 CV phonemes in 0.8 seconds[4].
  • His tone of voice in speech is C3, during corner his vocal extension begins in G2 to E4 without falsetto, with falsetto begins in F4 to E5. But his understandable singing is in the range of A2 to E4.

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References Edit

  1. He's ashamed of his English accent.
  2. He had problems of diction in his childhood, when acquiring a better speech, did not decide to adapt to the local accent.
  3. He has still got certain problems when pronouncing many "S", "SH", "TS"
  4. This is due to his deep study on phonetics and speech.