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as depicted by illustrator Yooystick
Also known as Noa, Therainbowkittykat
Gender Female
Origin Israel
Age 15

ugust 1st 2002AA

Status Active
Years active 2015-2017/present
YT channel


Collab partner(s) N/A
Other activities Artist/Animator
"Pocket Mirror - gaze", composed by Pocket mirror ost team

NoaTugy is a Youtube Singer/Youtaite who sing anime, games and vocaloid songs. she has correctly 120+ subsribers and 7,000+ views. her most popular cover is Promise from pocket mirror with 1,300+ views!

Noa's voice sound very smooth and cute but it can feel with emotion as well! her voice type is soprano and she's good with high range songs, it fits upbeat songs.

Affiliations and Collaboration ProjectsEdit

  1. [Maiden's Burial] (I didn't do much collabs ; u ;)

List of Covered SongsEdit

  1. [glad you're evil too] (created on 16.7.2017)
  2. [imitation monkey] (created on 12.7.2017)
  3. [Envy] (created on 8.7.2017)
  4. [Hatter] (created on 3.7.2017)
  5. [wanna die] (created on 2.7.2017)
  6. [[2]] (created on 8.4.2017)
  7. [QoO8|dear you hope] (created on 7.4.2017)
  8. This will be the day (created on 31.3.2017)
  9. [continue] (created on 17.3.2017)
  10. [[3]] (created on 9.3.2017)
  11. [t6Mrmh9ESw|Systematic love] (created on 25.2.2017)
  12. [X7EQ|Circles] (created on 17.2.2017)
  13. [Lovin You] (created on 27.1.2017)
  14. [mAdiU|Naraku no hana] (created on 1.1.2017)
  15. [3s-jXd7I|The Moon Seen from Vienna] (created on 1.12.2016)
  16. [[4]] (created on 27.11.2016)
  17. [Q|gaze] (created on 11.11.2016)
  18. [[5]] (created on 4.11.2016)
  19. [Alive] (created on 18.10.2016)
  20. [rule] (created on 17.10.2016)
  21. [[6]] (created on 24.9.2016)
  22. [[7]] (created on 15.9.2016)
  23. [xR4vY|again] (created on 9.9.2016)
  24. [[8]] (created on 25.8.2016)

at that point I had a really bad mic ; u ;

  1. [Ensemble] (created on 21.7.2016)
  2. hello how are you (created on 31.10.2015)
  3. [peula magica] (created on 23.10.2015)


Currently none or to be added.


  • Noa joined the choir an singing lesson on 2013 but she always loved music and to sing
  • She want to learn the piano because she thinks it's her favorite instrument and she has one in her house
  • Between covers and art she loves playing rpg maker games and her fav gamer is manlybaddashero
  • her fav singer is AmaLee and LittleJayneyCakes
  • She love idol and her favorite idol anime is idol master
  • she really love the game series danganronpa and her fav character is Kyoko Kirigiri

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