Gender Female
Origin United States

(1999-04-19) April 19, 1999 (age 19) [citation needed]

Status Active
Years active 2012-present
YT channel


Other activities vlogging, procrastinating, drawing
A sample of a cover song by Misaaya,
Plastic & Rain
プラスティックとレイン ☼ acane madder cover

プラスティックとレイン ☼ acane madder cover


Misaaya (stylized misaaya☼) is a singer with a slightly cute, solid voice. She has a moderate voice range that fits along the range of mezzo-soprano to alto.

She is depicted by reindeer antlers, auburn red hair, and green eyes, just like her Tumblr and Youtube picture.

She joined Youtube around 2011, but didn't participate in the Youtaite Community until 2012.

Ever since the drama of 'Neotaites' of April 2016, she announced that she can no longer call herself a youatite rather a regular singer due to the fact that she wants to explore more in the music area. However, she would still like to participate in Youtaite and Utaite communities.

Affiliations and Collaboration ProjectsEdit

  1. Toeto(Quaret with pepi, Kashi,and Shieru)
  2. Heavy Roatation(Duet with Aiiko Nagano)
  3. PONPONPON(Chorus)
  4. Senbon Zakura(Chorus)
  5. Onaji Hanashi(Duet with つき_ヤ)
  6. I Kissed Hatsune Miku(Duet with Pepi) PRIVATE
  7. Guri Guri Megane to Gekkouchou(Duet with ❄ヒカリ)
  8. mugs -english version- (Trio with Ai-suu, Hika C. for TTB-R1)
  9. RPG (¤¸¸.•мα∂ємσιѕєℓℓєѕ•.¸¸¤ chorus for So★CB-R1)
  10. No Logic (Duet with Rage for YTC Blind Duet)
  11. Astronaut (Chorus in Tribute of PowaPowaP)

List of Covered Songs Edit

  1. "alice (piano)"
  2. "Tsuki to Fuusen" (deleted, re-uploaded to NicoNicoRythm)
  3. "Toeto" (deleted, re-uploaded to NicoNicoRythm)
  4. "We are friends, Aren't we?" (deleted, re-uploaded to NicoNicoRythm)
  5. "girlfriend"
  6. "Coward Montblanc"
  7. "Zinia to Mimu"
  8. "Nonsense Speaker" (Entry for IxESB)
  9. "Sainou Sampler"
  10. "Utakata Hanabi"
  11. "alice (piano)" (2 Year Anniversary)
  12. "Delay Song (puriporo)"
  13. "Traveling Mood (english)"
  14. "kamakura (piano)"
  15. "supernova (mu-cho remix)" 2014 version
  16. "madder red"
  17. "Plastic and Rain"
  18. "sad alice (mashup)"
  19. "extra (piano)"
  20. "I Shared a Kiss with Hatsune Miku" 2015 version
  21. "Palm Tree Paradise (Sunny-Side Up)"
  22. "○+● (Truth + Lies)"
  23. "bells of envy (mashup)"
  24. "Sekai ni Tada Hitori no"
  25. "story writer (piano)"
  26. "Courage (piano)"
  27. "Kaze ni Naru (acoustic)" (Secret Santa for Katsu)
  28. "Lay Me Down (piano)"
  29. "Hikaru Nara"
  30. "Yuragi" (Secret Santa for Raku)
  31. "shelter (piano)"


  • She loves Fulkawa Honpo.
  • Her name is pronounced as 'me-PSY-ya'.
  • Most of the stuff about her - click.
  • She has many nicknames, as a few of them being: Aya, Misapoop or Misoup.
  • She was a user of an online community website called "TinierMe" and her username was: k u s a.
  • Her favorite EDM producer is Porter Robinson.

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