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Melonbread69 as depicted by Siuxii
Japanese メロンパンの69 (Melonbread69)
Also known as Riko, Youko, Rino
Gender Female
Status Active
Years active 2014-present
NND sites NND user page
YT channel


Collab partner(s) Lumi, A11K0, Yukiko,Tsukio, Karegami, Seraph, Hibiku, Fuwarin
Other activities Mixer, Artist, Trans-lyricist, Voice actress, Animator

Melonbread69 is a Youtaite that started mid September 2014. She is known for her Middle-range, syrupy voice and her screams, even though she can go into cute loli, high-pitched voice very easily. She usually prefers middle range, Luka or Gumi songs, but she can also scream really high up to one one her favourite utaite's range, Mafumafu.

Melonbread69 is also an artist known for her very masochistic methods of getting work done. Since her name is really long, she shortens it to Melon69 quite often.

She is currently active on YouTube.

Affiliations and Collaborations Edit

  1. [Fruity Vocals Chorus Wonderful Rush]
  2. Takaramonozu [PRETTY☆STAR]
  3. Sweet & Sweet Holiday [PRETTY☆STAR]
  4. [ENGLISH] "Original Star☆彡" [Dream Light Chorus]
  5. 【LღFA Project】Overfly (Acapella)【NCC: Round 3】
  6. 【LღFA Project】My Soul, Your Beats!【11人合唱】
  7. 【SE☆SONS】四季刻歌【DEBUT】
  8. 【SE☆SONS】絶対無敵☆Fallin' LOVE☆
  9. 【UYCB-R1】ココロのちず【LღFA Project】
  10. 【♚DMCB - R1】アイのシナリオ【hearTBeat】
  11. 『Collab』Dancing Stars on Me『Love Live!』
  12. 『T.R.T』 Binetsu Kara Mystery『Love Live!』
  13. 『T.R.T』 Love Marginal『Love Live!』
  14. 『T.R.T』ReBoot『Vocaloid!』
  15. 『T.R.T』 Choose Me 『Vocaloid』
  16. 『Collab』 Music , Music『Vocaloid!』
  17. 『LuNaKo』Baby Maybe 恋のボタン『Love Live!』
  18. [Love X Rhythm MUSIC S.T.A.R.T!]
  19. [Love X Rhythm Mogyutto "love" de Sekkin Chuu!]
  20. 『Collab』Hikaru Nara / 光るなら『Goose house』
  21. 【6人】Ikanaide / いかないで - For Sae
  22. 【 メロンパンの 69-さん Feat. ルミ(Lumi)】東京サマーセッション
  23. 【メロンパンの69-さん 】 Sakura Addiction 歌ってみた 【Krad】
  24. 【Haku 】 千本桜 / Senbonzakura 【メロンパンの69-さん 】
  25. 【Karegami 】セカイシックに少年少女 【メロンパンの69-さん 】
  26. 【 メロンパンの 69-さん】すーぱーぬこわーるど【ふわりん】

Trivia Edit

  • She is known to be very masochistic
  • She dies a lot during collaborations and requests but always finishes them anyway
  • Her favourite utaite is Shoose
  • She hates raw green peppers
  • Her birthday is right in the middle of Reol's and Soraru's

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