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Lyrica by redcarpetmonster-d6c4nsw

Art by Redcarpetmonster

   Lyrica (LyricDarkness) is a youtaite who joined the community October 26, 2010,She often times sings in English .Since the beginning Lyrica has wanted to bring her audience all the happiness that she can and to make her friends happy. She can sing in between high and low notes and is now experimenting her genderbent/male voice (Lark).Personality wise Lyrica is really sweet (just like her favorite candy) and is often putting other's needs above her own. Even though she is very sweet she can also be very tsundere when she wants to be but she loves making new friends in the end.Larks personaility is much like Lyrica's expect he tends to be more grumpy and Angry.


Remote Control (english) Uncool X Lyrica

Remote Control (english) Uncool X Lyrica

Lyrica singing with Uncool


known as


or LyricDarkness

Gender Female
Origin Canada
Real name doesnt wish to be known
Born April 4,1997
Status Active
Years active 2010-present
YT channel



Other activities



Lyrica is often seen with her friends Imoristar,PrincessDevin302 ,Dezzi and Nyeou and she is very close to Uncool so some people ship them for this reason.

Over the last three years Lyrica has gained many nicknames which include Lyrica,LD,Lyri,Candy Leader,Darkie,Candy Addict,Candy-chan and Candy Dark.She tends to be called Lyrica or Lyri by most people though.

Cantarella English Dub LarkDark

Cantarella English Dub LarkDark

Lark (Male Lyrica) singing a remix of Cantarella

She is hoping that her second Channel for her Genderbend Lark will be just as good as her regular channel and she will upload on both channels from time to time.


Trivia Edit

  • She has a Cat,two dogs ,a Rabbit,A hamster and a Bearded dragon (Named Hunter,Baily,Dyson,Marshmellow,Castiel and Oscar)
  • Her favorite colours are Black and red
  • She has a really big sweet tooth and she loves Lemon candy
  • She loves cats 
  • She likes Vocaloid Luka,Vy2,and usually listens to J-pop and K-pop
  • She has stage fright
  • She wears glasses 
  • She chose the name Lyrica because she wanted a name that sounded musical.Dark came from her DA account
  • Her first cover was Rotten girl by Hastune Miku.
  • She often draws her avatar with vampire fangs.
  • Her Male persona usually acts grumpy and stuborn.(Also shown with fangs)
  • She sang her first Japenese cover in 2014 (Still doll) 
  • She has 3 little sisters (triplets) and two older brothers