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Kyoya Kuroe
Kyoya Kuroe as depicted by N/A
Gender Male
Origin Australia

(1993-09-21) September 21, 1993 (age 25) [citation needed]

Status Active
Years active 2012-2017/present
YT channel

Kuroe Kyoya Kuroe

Collab partner(s) N/A
Other activities Working, singing, mixing, sleeping and trying hard to catch up on anime.
A sample of a cover song by Kyoya Kuroe
"Sayoko", composed by MikitoP

Kyoya Kuroe (キョヤクロエ) is a youtaite that has been posting covers since 2012. He covers mostly calming and soothing songs as his voice best fits those type of songs with the occasional upbeat songs from Vocaloid songs to anime openings and endings. Covers are usually in Japanese but occasionally, Kyoya sings in English for songs that have a relation to Japanese content and Anime.

He prefers to keep his face hidden online only showing a glimpse of it in a picture. Kyoya usually does both singing and mixing by himself and has no fixed collaboration partner and illustrator. Despite this, he collaborates with a variety of fellow youtaites and is usually open to collaborating.

List of some Covered SongsEdit


  • Kyoya loves comedy based anime series such as Gintama and Konosuba as expressed on his twitter
  • Kyoya enjoys eating spicy food
  • Kyoya enjoys singing to piano instrumentals as evidenced in his many covers
  • Kyoya is a big fan of Supercell and Egoist
  • Kyoya owns a lot of clothing in the colour of black
  • Kyoya has a love for tech
  • Kyoya has a sweet tooth and enjoys sweets in moderation
  • Kyoya finds its weird that people judge him for his love of green tea tasting items be it (desserts, sweets and ect)
  • Kyoya was inspired by shounen-t to start a youtaite channel
  • Kyoya enjoys cold weather

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