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Kitty Em and her trusy sidekick Ein

Kitty Em and her trusty sidekick EinDrawn by Kitty Em

Kitty Em is a fairly older Youtaite who started singing on YouTube back in 2010. All of her covers have been mainly in English and she has said on occasion “I can barely speak English so why would I try and sing in Japanese?”  Kitty Em is from a small country town in Canada and some say her accent can be heard quite clearly in her diction (she cannot hear it.)

Kitty Em Sings, writes translyrics on occasion, and illustrates for some of the videos and choruses she participates in. She also helps run the chorus Neoppend which formed in early 2016.

Kitty Em grew up listening to country and has developed a county like singing style and also tends to sing with her chest voice, giving her a mature and powerful sound, but has on occasion sung in a singsong head voice. Kitty Em also plays Guitar and has made a few arrangements of her own.

List of Covered Songs Edit

  1. Lost in Thoughts All Alone ● Nohr Ver「English Cover」
  2. Price of Freedm ● Final Fantasy 7「Vocal Cover」
  3. Sing Me Back Home - Merle Haggard Cover 
  4. Don't Dream it's Over ● Crowded House「Cover」
  5. Alice ● mu-cho Remix「English Cover」
  6. Undertale ● Spider Dance「Vocal Cover」
  7. 【Kitty Em & Robby Ryan】 Light My Candle ● Rent ● 「Cover」
  8. Heres To You ●Joan Baez ● Metal Gear Solid「Cover」
  9. Forces ● Berserk ● Susumu Hirasawa「English Cover」
  10. 【Kitty Em & Reila】 Pierrot ● Acoustic Arrange「English Cover」
  11. Lie ● Circus-P 「English Cover」
  12. Distant Fields ● Sarishinohara ● サリシノハラ 「Acoustic English Cover」
  13. 【Kitty Em & Reila】 Brother 「FullMetal Alchemist」 (English Dub)
  14. Love Deterrence● Koi no Yokushiryoku 「MGS PEACE WALKER」 (English Dub)
  15. Don't Go ● Ikanaide ●いかないで (English Acoustic Cover)
  16. Toumei Answer ● 透明アンサー ● Acoustic Arrange ●「English Dub」
  17. Undertale ● His Theme ● SPOILERS ●「Vocal Cover」
  18. Gangsta Ending Theme ● Yoru no Kuni ● Country of the Night ●「English Dub」
  19. Electric Angel (Vocaloid)「English Dub」
  20. Blood Teller (Mirai Nikki Full End)「English Dubbed」
  21. Sono Chi No Sadame「English Dub」
  22. I Don't Care Who, Somebody Go Out With Me!「English Dub」
  23. Clean Freak (English Dub) [Kitty Em]
  24. Gypsy Bard (Piano Ver.) Kitty Em
  25. Alchemy English Dub
  26. Coward Montblanc (Acoustic ver.) Japanese & English Cover
  27. Blood Teller [Piano Version] English Dubbed
  28. 【Eng Dub】 「Ib」 【Kitty Em・Justin・Ruka】
  29. おなじ話 Onaji Hanashi (Same Story) English Dub
  30. Landslide (cover)
  31. Matryoshka English Dub
  32. Futari ha Wasurechau English Dub TV size
  33. Futari ha Wasurechau English Dub TV size
  34. Cut-Off Line [Piano Ver.] English dub
  35. Remote Control English Dub
  36. Johnny Cash Hurt (Cover)
  37. The Little Mermaid -Luka- (English Dub)
  38. Cara Mia Portal 2 (English)
  39. Cantarella -Music Box- English dub
  40. Prisoner English dub
  41. Maid of Evil- English dub
  42. Dear You English dub
  43. BadBye English Dub
  44. Circus Monster Music Box ver. English cover
  45. Laugh Maker English Dub
  46. PONPONPON English Version
  47. Christmas Shoes (cover)
  48. Happy Halloween (Sallys Song) - Cover
  49. The National- Exile Vilify (Cover)

Trivia Edit

  • Kitty Em owns a Welsh Corgi named Ein who has tried to end her on many ocations.
  • Her name is 100% not "Kitty"
  • She took part in a contry music contest and placed 3rd
  • She has performed at a Canada Day fair

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