Kimoicchi as depicted by in their Deviantart
Japanese キモイ (Kimoi)
Gender Unspecified
Origin Canada
Born July 23[citation needed]
Status Active
Years active 2013-present
YT channel


Kimoicchi or キモイ (Kimoi) is a fairly new Youtaite known for their dynamic range, thus is considered a ryouseirui as seen in their mashup cover of Halyosy's orginals. They usually prefer their lower register, but can also sing in a higher and more feminine voice. They are known to cosplay and illustrate for various collaborations.

They are known to mix their own covers due to their lack of patience over the matter. Their debut cover was that of LettuceP's 堕ちた烏、今飛び立つ , uploaded on December 2013. Their most popular cover as of date is Brand New Melody from Uta no Prince-sama garnering 8K views in Youtube.

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Trivia Edit

  • They are a fujoshi and read BL.
  • They often draw for okm_剣.
  • Their youtaite persona looks how they look in real life.
  • They like sports anime.
  • Their favourite genre of music is rock.
  • Their alias was named after a Japanese friend's mother mispronounced their name as Kimoi.
  • They prefer gender neutral terms.