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KihTeyuas seen on Twitter and YouTube.
English KihTeyu
Also known as Teyu
Gender Female
Origin USA
Age 20
Status Active
Years active 2013-present
YT channel


Other activities Writing, guitar, ukulele, violin, piano

KihTeyu (aka Teyu or Kih) is a moderately active Youtaite with a smooth, rich voice. She started in July 2013 and uploads covers in Japanese or English. She is a self-taught singer[1] who enjoys drawing and plays piano, guitar, ukulele and violin[2]. She has also stated that she likes to write[3]. In addition, she is learning many languages, including French, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, and American Sign Language[4]. Her dreams are to become an archaelogist and/or own a bakery[5].

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Currently none or to be added.


  • She dislikes sushi.[6]
  • She owns a pet rabbit.[7]

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