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Dragon Kai
Kai✮ as depicted by ruhbr
English Kai✮
Gender Nonbinary
Origin UK
Born September 25[citation needed]
Status Active
Years active 2018-present
NND sites NND user page
YT channel


Collab partner(s) Reina, Chie UwU!!, GAILE
Other activities mixing, voice acting, cosplaying
A sample of a cover song by Kai✮
"Okuriuta", composed by HoneyWorks
Kai✮ is a fairly new youtaite who has only begun posting covers on their own YouTube channel on January 2018. However, there was a cover Sora no Parade which Kai✮ sang for that can be found on KNJ's YouTube channel which was posted on June 2017. Some of Kai✮'s covers (such as their Haniwa covers) are blocked in certain countries. Kai✮ posts such covers onto their NicoNico user page.

Kai✮ has a varied range, and although they normally prefer to sing in their lower range, they are also capable of singing in a higher and more cuter sounding voice. The first cover Kai✮ posted on their channel, an English cover of Barefoot Renaissance, was mixed by KNJ, but Kai✮ has since learned to mix, and save for Nakimushi Kareshi (which was mixed by Sencha), they have mixed all the other covers that they've posted.

Kai✮ watches a lot of anime and along with covers of Vocaloid songs, they have also covered some anime songs. Kai✮ is known for their love of Aikatsu and Honeyworks and has covered songs from both. Kai✮ is a fan of *Luna and has covered one of their songs as well.

Along with singing for the covers that they post onto their YouTube account, Kai✮ also sings a lot on the app 'Sing! by Smule'. They're also involved in multiple chorus groups and fandubs. Kai✮ is currently part of an ongoing chorus battle as a vocalist.

Kai✮ has three OCs/personas. They most frequently use Kai, who is their dragon OC and is characterised by their purple hair and turqouise eyes. Kai has glasses and is occasionally drawn with dragon horns and wings (as seen in the infobox). Kai✮'s other OCs have yet to make an appearance on their YouTube account.

Affiliations and Collaboration ProjectsEdit

  1. 泣キ虫カレシ / Nakimushi Kareshi (Kai✮ x ChieUwU!!, mix by Sencha, animation by 3xMantou)
  2. Self Control (Unit: Crash Party from Diamond Friends Duetto - Kai x GAILE)
  3. Summertime Record (8人合唱, animation by Pan)
  4. 小さな恋のうた / Chiisana Koi no Uta (Kai✮ x Reina, animation by Ariirin)
  5. Snow Halation...? (4人合唱, animation by Pan)

List of Covered SongsEdit


Nakimushi Kai
Kai✮ as seen in Nakimushi Kareshi [art by Chie UwU!!]
Michishirube Kai
Kai✮ as seen in Michishirube [art by ruhbr]
DonorSong Kai
Kai✮ as seen in Donor Song [art by HoshiBaka]
Kai 9
Kai✮ as seen in Otsukimi [art by ruhbr]
Kais 2
Kai✮ as seen in Otsukimi Recital [art by ann_lumiere, colouring by ruhbr]
Chibi kai
Chibi Kai✮ [art by ann_lumiere, colouring by ruhbr]
Kais 5
Chibi Kai✮ as seen in Otsukimi Recital [art by ann_lumiere, colouring by ruhbr]
Chiisana Koi Kai
Kai✮ as seen in Chiisana Koi no Uta [art by Nyanika, shading by MapoDofu]
Kai✮'s fullbody in Chiisana Koi no Uta [art by Nyanika]
Chiisana Kai no Uta
Illustration of Kai✮, Reina, and Tsuki [art by ruhbr]
Sugar Song and Bitter Kai
Kai✮ as seen in their Sugar Song and Bitter Step Parody cover [art by kitsu_nezumi]
Kimi ga Kaireta natsu
Kai✮ as seen in Kimi ga Kureta Natsu. [art by ann_lumiere]
Kai✮ as seen in Gift Song. [art by rinzu]


  • Kai✮ is currently a voice actor for 2 Aikatsu fandubs,[1] an Aikatsu abridged series,[2] and a Bang Dream fandub.
  • Most of Kai✮'s social media is under the username despairdaze.
  • Kai✮ cosplays regularly as various different characters, their cosplays can be found on their Instagram
  • Kai✮ graduated from university on July 28, 2018.[3]
  • Kai✮ gets irked when their name is credited without the star.[4]

References Edit

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