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English InochigakeHekireki
Also known as Inochiin/ Inochi/ Hekireki/ Curry
Gender Male
Origin Malaysia

(1993-06-10) June 10, 1993 (age 25)[1]

Status active
Years active 2008-present
YT channel


Other activities voice acting

InochigakeHekireki is a Malaysian Youtuber/Youtaite that started off uploading videos of his covers of anime OPs and EDs. His first song covered and uploaded was Hare Hare Yukai from "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya". He has somewhat of a unique voice, placing him in a weird position since his voice range is dissimilar to most guys when singing. He tends to add voice acting into his covers or totally giving the covers a ridiculous twist which is many a time slightly difficult the general audience that has not gotten used to his personality to accept. He is made famous by his cover of "Marukaite Chikyuu - Malaysian Version - as illustrated by MICHIYO966" as available here. Generally, many has agreed that he has been improving his techniques and has taken a liking to his voice since it broke (he started before his voice broke).

InochigakeHekireki has dreams to become a Seiyuu, but is currently pursuing a degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering at a local university in Malaysia . Nevertheless, he has admitted that he will not give up on the dreams that he has cherished the most. In his free time, he also bakes and cooks - he was inspired by the show "Masterchef USA" and "Hell's Kitchen". He is also an avid gamer, but has admitted that he isn't good at games and always play in easy mode - he says he doesn't forgive himself because only elementary school children are allowed to play on easy mode.

Affiliations and Collaboration Projects

  1. Member of C H i L L
  2. Member of Holding☆Specialty
  3. Member of OOLONG for TTB2015

List of Covered Songs

  1. "Six Trillion Years and Overnight Story「IA" (24 December 2015)
  2. "Sailor Star Song「Sailor Moon" (23 December 2015)
  3. "Disillusion「Fate/Stay Night" (18 December 2015)
  4. "Tobira wo Akete「Cardcaptor Sakura" (15 December 2015)
  5. "Ni hao★China「Hetalia" (14 December 2015)
  6. "Butterfly - Koji Wada「Digimon" (14 November 2015)
  7. "Sugar Song & Bitter Step - Unison Square Garden「Kekkai Sensen" (14 November 2015)
  8. "Dan Dan Kokoro Hikareteku / DAN DAN 心魅かれてく - Field of View「Dragonball" (24 October 2015)
  9. "Brave Heart - Ayumi Miyazaki「Digimon" (17 October 2015)
  10. "Don't You Know?/Moreusinayo?「Davichi" (14 October 2015)
  11. "Come What May「Moulin Rouge" (11 October 2015)
  12. "One Light - Kalafina「アルスラーン戦記" (9 October 2015)
  13. "Yuki no Hana/雪の華 「中島 美嘉" (4 October 2015)
  14. "Cry for the Truth/アニメ 「Rokka no Yuusha/ 六花の勇者" (12 September 2015)
  15. "Yume to Hazakura/夢と葉桜 「Vocaloid" (24 July 2015)
  16. "Fubuki 「Kantai Collection" (18 July 2015)
  17. "Bad Apple 「Touhou" (11 July 2015)
  18. "Lapis Lazuli 「Arslan Senki" (6 July 2015)
  19. "Ura-omote Lovers 「裏表ラバーズ」" (4 July 2015)
  20. "Ring of Fortune/佐々木恵梨 (プラスティック・メモリーズ OP)" (Plastic Memories OP)(28 June 2015)
  21. "This Game" with CIAO and Kyun`ω´ )o (No Game No Life OP) (18 June 2015)
  22. "Secret Base - Kimi ga Kureta Mono/~君がくれたもの~" (Anohana ED)(29 Mar 2015)
  23. "Le Jour" (Ushinawareta Mirai wo Motomete OP)(19 Feb 2015)
  24. "Kuusou Rumba" (Sayonara Zetusbou Sensei OP)(3 Aug 2014)
  25. "LUKA Night Fever + Magnet" (Parody) (20 April 2014)
  26. "Arigatou" (Original by Kokia) (18 Mar 2014)
  27. "1925" (Original by Hatsune Miku, 1957 - Malaysian Version) (5 Oct 2013)
  28. "Promise" (GEDDAN - Original by Hirose Kohmi) (26 Feb 2012)
  29. "Rainbow" (Aria the Animation)(10 Feb 2012)
  30. "We GO!"(ONE PIECE OP) (25 Dec 2011)
  31. "Monochrome Kiss" (Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler OP) (7 Oct 2011)
  32. "FALCO" (Law of Ueki OP I) (4 Aug 2011)
  33. "Saikyou OX Keikaku"(Sumomomomo momomo OP) (27 July 2011)
  35. "Calendula Requiem" (SHIKI OP II) (23 Dec 2011)
  36. "Shiawase no Niji" (Gakuen Alice ED) (9 Oct 2010)
  37. "God Knows" (TMOHS)(27 Sep 2010)
  38. "Dango Daikazoku" (Parody)(18 Jul 2010)
  39. "Marukaite Chikyuu" (Malaysian Version) (11 Jul 2010)
  40. "My Love is a STAPLER" (From K-on!) (30 Jun 2010)
  41. "Bokutachi ni Aru Mono" (The Law of Ueki ED)(29 May 2010)
  42. "Naraku no Hana" (Higurashi no Naku Koro ni OP) (17 Apr 2010)
  43. "EX-DREAM" (13 Mar 2010)
  44. "Yume no Tsubasa" (Duet with His Sister) (27 Feb 2010)
  45. "Silky Heart" (Toradora ED) (20 Feb 2010)
  46. "Dramatic" (Honey & Clover OP) (19 Feb 2010)
  47. "COOL Edition" (from TMOHS) (13 Jan 2010)
  48. "1000% Sparking" (NEGIMA!? OP) (9 Jan 2010)
  49. "Hare nochi Hare" (Kamichu! OP) (26 Nov 2009)
  50. "Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni"(24 Nov 2009)
  51. "Yuki, Muon, Madobe Nite" (from TMOHS) (18 Nov 2009)
  52. "Minna Daisuki" (Shugo Chara OP)(3 Nov 2009)
  53. "Happy Material" (NEGIMA OP)(1 Nov 2009)
  54. "Hare Hare Yukai" (TMOHS OP)(31 Oct 2009)


InochigakeHekireki as seen on his Youtube Channel
Tumblr npckuaSR0i1sqbc5po1 1280
InochigakeHekireki as Illust. by Raine
InochigakeHekireki when he started off after a year in 2009


  • InochigakeHekireki's height is 179 cm. His weight is confidential information.
  • He loves the color Yellow.
  • He has expressed his fondness of potatoes as an ingredient, and his pantry is never out of them.
  • He loves curry - hence his nickname.
  • He has to read English lyrics and study the song before he has the emotions to sing.
  • He plays the violin, but he stopped at a lower grade to concentrate on his studies.
  • He can play the piano by ear
  • His character art is inspired by Mamizou Futatsuiwa from Touhou
  • Due to the fluffy tail, his friends and mates says he has a fluffy dong.
  • InochigakeHekireki tends to upload his covers to SoundCloud before he uploads them to Youtube. When isn't on Hiatus, he uploads a video per week on Youtube.

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