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Gender Unknown
Age 14
Status active
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Hoisatto is a fairly new youtaite, that once went by Tofuyu, with middle range voice. She can be seen singing with higher vocals in her cover of Night Walker, while also being able to sing in a lower range as seen in her cover of Salvage. She also makes acoustic arranges which are uploaded on Soundcloud. She started uploading in November of 2014 with her first cover being Yotsuya-san ni Yoroshiku, which was later deleted. Her most popular cover being Ikanaide with 200+ views on YouTube.

List of Covered Songs Edit

  1. いかないで  (6.11.14)
  2. 心臓デモクラシー  (11.11.14)
  3. Transparent Answer 【ホイサット ver】 (14.11.14)
  4. 誰でもいいから付き合いたい (1.22.14)
  5. アウターサイエンス (22.12.14)
  6. 独りんぼエンヴィー acoustic ver (8.1.15)
  7. いかないで music box ver (8.1.15)
  8. サルベージ (11.2.15)
  9. GLIDE ( 3.3.15)
  10. 東京テディベア (3.4.15)
  11. ナイトウォーカー (3.4.15)
  12. サリシノハラ(3.6.15)
  13. アカイト (3.14.15)
  14. あったかいんだからぁ♪ (3.17.15)
  15. Prayer in C (20.3.15)
  16. だんだん早くなる(1.4.15)
  17. Stronger than You - Piano arrange (1.4.15)

Trivia Edit

  • Favorite vocaloid is Gumi
  • Looks up to Ikasan
  • Favorite vocaloid producer is Utata-P
  • Favorite utaites are Rib, Akatin, Ajjiko, and Ikasan
  • Commonly refers to herself as a fried/dead fish
  • Can play several instruments (Trumpet, percussion, piano)
  • Owns three bunnies Nobu(naga), Tono, and Jin

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