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Fluffy, also known as Fluffy Cactus, is a singer on YouTube. Fluffy is an Alto singer and considers herself to have a weird high singing voice. Before, Fluffy was known as Fuko.

Fluffy joined YouTube on 15th October 2012 with her first cover Ill take my panties off. Fluffy got into the Youtaite community after meeting some wonderful people through the internet. Fluffy does mainly English covers of songs, and sometimes writes her own translyrics. She is also an animator who usually animates more than sings when participating in chorus battles. Chorus battles that she has been involved with are MBCB, Vocafx, KCEDB2, TTB2014, SOCB, DMCB, TTB2015, UYCB. She is planning to be part of , SACB, OCB, Tengoku CB

In some of her time, Fluffy does Voice acting.
  • First picture of OC
  • SOCB drawn by fluffy, lineart by Ducky and ceri, Coloured by Nerp
  • OCB test art by Shyael
  • SOCB Chibi drawn and lineart by Ryo, Colour by fluffy
  • UYCB by Eeva
  • By fluffy
Alias Fluffy
Real Name Michaela
Gender Female
Origin England
Birthday 22nd March
Status Active
Year's Active October 2012 - Present
YT Channel Fluffy Cactus
Soundcloud Fluffy Cactus
Other activities

Voice acting, Animating

Drawing (Or getting in to it)

List of Songs covered.Edit

Japanese Covers: ~ All these are pretty old so they might sound really bad.

Macaron - 27th October 2012

Rotten girl  31st October 2012

Megumeru - 3rd November 2012

Egomama - 14th Novemeber 2012

Toki wo kizamu uta - 11 February 2013

Long distance love affair - 17th February 2014

English covers:

Rainbow Factory - 23rd May 2014

Numb - 31st May 2014

Neoteny Love - 30th June 2014

DoReMiFa - 11th July 2014

Pink and Black - 11th August 2014

Leave in the summer but youre always in my fluffoughts - 3rd November 2014

Bad end night - 24th December 2014

Du-Du-Wa Do it! - 19th March 2015

Tarte Tatin - 24th March 2015

Echo - 28th May 2015

Realistic logical Ideologist - 6th July 2015

I make a silly face - 12th July 2015

List of Collab'sEdit

Note/ Alot of the duets below are done with its yuki chan

Toeto - 7th November 2012 w/ Kasai

Long distance love affair - 2nd December 2012 w/ Yuki

Memories - 3rd December 2012 w/

Magnet - 3rd December 2012 w/ Yuki

Synchroncity 3 - 8th January 2013 w/ Julie

Sayako - 28th January 2013 w/ Yuki

Egomama - 19th June 2013 w/

Rolling girl - 23rd June 2013 w/ Kumo

My dearest - 26th August 2013 w/ Yuki

Departures - 10th November 2013 w/ Yuki

The hardest thing - 30th May 2014 w/ Dai

You'll play your part - 15th June 2014 w/Chorus

Drop pop Candy - 13th August 2014 w/ Yuki

Party x Party - 18th September 2014 w/Chorus

Game of life - 24th November 2014 w/Chorus

Phantom Thief Peter and Jenny - 22nd December 2014 w/ Bloo

Trick and treat - 22nd December 2014 w/ Spice

Deep sea city - 28th May 2015 w/ Ice

Voice ActingEdit

Lucky star , Konata - 22nd December 2012

Baka to Test to shoukanjuu , Shimada - 13th January 2013

Clannad , nagisa & Sanea - 20th January 2013

Professor layton , Luke - 30th April 2013

Sakurasou , Shiina - 1st June 2013


  • Fluffy believes she is a cactus
  • Fluffy wishes to be king of the desert (One day)
  • Her favourite colours are pink and green
  • She loves Axolotls. They are her spirit animal. Don't ask.
  • Her favourite song is Neoteny Love.
  • She wants to create an plush alpaca army to take over the world.
  • She secretly has a huge cacti-crush on yuki //OHHH SPOILERS!