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Alright~! Here is another video for the week I missed on doing a cover!!! Alright!! So the person that mixed this cover is my from Afro! He is the best!!! I love the mix he did so much!! He is also a voice actor and gamer and all this cool stuff!! so check him out!


Credits: Vocals~ Yuki-Chan Mixing~ Afro Original~ BuzzG Lyrics~ Mint*y Piano~ Watarai

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Lyrics: Each and every day is passing - the time it took to love Wonder just how many days and years we've let go I can still recall the years, feeling broken and alone I thought I would never love... Until the day that you KNOCKED— Did you know? The door you too and finally opened Now, here we are... I wonder if you Remember...if we count the wrinkles everyday We'll never...let tomorrow slip away We'll stay they grow each day I know...that with you here by my side, All of my sorrow...disappears with every smile So let go...just say goodbye and realize The time we have left isn't long... Each and every day is passing, the time I fell in love Wonder just how many days and years we've let go "Growing old's a part of life and we'll take it with a smile!" As we promise on that day... Until the day you GOT on your knee... A sudden "Will you marry me?" You PULLED out the ring... I wonder if you Remember...if we count our wrinkles everyday We'll never...take for granted any sky that fades, Forever...doesn't seem so long, I know...all my tears will go to waste And all my sorrow...losing sight of "give and take" Until say goodbye and realize Our time's running out, every day... I'm not a fool to think forever is something that we'd achieve But how else could I go on, without you by my side? So now for one last time, our final last goodbye, Remember... When our time is at it's end, I hope We never...lose the wrinkles in our skin, and that You'll never...lose the time we spent... But know...for the promise that we made, my smile Showed...and I won't forget the way you looked above me You were so beautiful then and I'll wait til we meet once again Because I know, you are with me And now, I can close my eyes.

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