FictionalState as depicted by FictionalState
Also known as Fiction

Summer (Real Name)

Gender Female
Origin United States
Age 16
Born 2001 [citation needed]
Status Active
Years active 2012-Present
YT channel


Other activities Translyrics, Gaming, Speedpaints
A sample of a cover song by FictionalState
"Guren no Yumiya", composed by Linked Horizon

FictionalState (Channel name derived from the song Fictional State by the artist To Kill a King) is a YouTube cover artist who also uploads speedpaints, and on the occasion, gaming videos (Which have since been removed from her channel).

Fiction sings in both Japanese in English, though English is her primary language on the channel. Most of her covers are Vocaloid or Anime oriented, but several other covers are of English origin such as her short cover of What Would You Do? By the artist Bastille. The most popular cover and video on her channel is Kokoronashi, which is a rather old cover and hadn't been mixed.

Fictional generally uploads speedpaints and more recently a surplus of covers by her UTAULOID. She had previously had several gaming videos on her channel, including unfinished playthroughs of the games Ib, Undertale, and the Crooked Man.

The majority of Fiction's covers are extremely old and she plans on recovering and reuploading a majority of them now that she has experience mixing and her voice has developed much more in the past year. She plans to do collabs with the YouTubers Maika★, Jingx1, and【Swakoo / Saku】.

List of Covered SongsEdit

  1. "I'm Just Your Problem" (2015.03.24)
  2. "Kokoronashi" (2015.06.03)
  3. "Electric Angel" (2015.06.14)
  4. "Tokyo Teddy Bear" (2015.07.07)
  5. "Outer Science" (2015.07.09)
  6. "Dragon Soul" (2015.07.16)
  7. "Alice of Human Sacrifice" (2015.07.28)
  8. "Lost One's Weeping (Piano)" (2015.07.28)
  9. "What Would You Do? (Short)" (2016.07.14)
  10. "Tokyo Teddy Bear (Acoustic)" (2016.08.19)
  11. "His Theme" (2016.08.22)
  12. "Guren no Yumiya (Short)" (2017.08.31)
  13. "Kagerou Daze (Piano)" (2017.09.26)
  14. "Self-Inflicted Achromatic" (2017.09.27)


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  • She wears glasses, as seen in some of her speedpaints
  • She is a novice guitar player and is currently in the process of learning to play the piano, as she has mentioned on her Instagram several times.
  • She has mentioned several times that she cannot afford a mic at the moment, so she generally records with her iphone voice memo app.
  • She is stuck between her favorite anime being Shin Sekai Yori or Natsume Yuujinchou.
  • She is currently writing a novel, as stated in a speedpaint of one of her characters.
  • Her favorite movie is Silence of the Lambs.
  • She is the owner of an UTAUloid, Shun Yamamoto, whom is the subject of her more recent videos
  • She enjoys John Green's Crash Course videos

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