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A sample of a cover song by Fearie
"Music Music", composed by Toa
Fearie's icon on Twitter
Illust. by Panda
English Fearie (フィアイエ)
Also known as AbhorrentFear
Gender Female
Origin America
Status Active
Years active 2012 - present
YT channel


Other activities Animating
Fearie (フィアイエ), also known as AbhorrentFear on YouTube, is a female Youtaite with a midtoned voice range who began posting covers on August 29th, 2012. She has been fairly active for the time she's been on YouTube. She is friendly and usually willing to talk to or collaborate with anyone.

Her voice is strong for the most part, well suited for belting, but she has also shown that she can sing softer as well. She prefers to sing in Japanese, though with time has been posting more English covers. She is considerably active in choruses and chorus battles.[1]

Affiliations and Collaboration ProjectsEdit

  1.  Member of WaifuMaterial [SoCB2015] / WaffleMaker [BSBR2015]
  2.  Member of The World Project
  3.  Member of Love Beam Chorus
  4.  Member of AceCard Chorus (inactive)
  5.  Member of Nerdflex
  6. Member of A Sip Of Personality [TTB2014]
  7. Member of Royal Jewels Chorus (inactive)
  8. Inokori Sensei Fearie & kyo-chan (Sept.2014)
  9. Nazotoki Fearie | 3pix | Nagisa (July. 2014)
  10. Six Trillion Years And Overnight Story
  11. Hocus Pocus Fearie & Nerp (Mar. 2014)
  12. Mite Mite Kochichi Fearie & kura (Mar. 2014)
  13.  Futari No Kimochi No Honto No Himitsu Fearie & Belphegor (Feb. 2014)
  14.  Risky Game  Fearie & Aelynn (Oct. 2013)
  15.  Paradichlorobenzene x Anticholobenzene VOCAMASH Fearie & Nerp (Oct. 2012)
  16.  Just Be Friends Fearie & Nerp (Sept. 2012)
  17.  Matryoshka Fearie & Nerp (Sept. 2012)
  18. Mite Mite Kochichi [kura x Fearie]

List of Covered SongsEdit


Currently none or to be added.


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