A sample of a cover song by DENSHA
"Bad Dance Hall", composed by Karasuyasabou
Densha as depicted by Yenasama
Japanese Densha (列車)
Also known as Den, Denny
Gender Male
Origin United States
Age 18
Status Active
Years active 2015 - present
YT channel


Collab partner(s) Reoni
DENSHA is a fairly new English youtaite who joined early 2013 but only started singing covers in January 2015. 

He covers both Japanese and English versions of various songs, preferably VOCALOID and Anime-based. His voice has a definite presence and can be described as clear and emotional, also having an edgy feeling to it. He's usually categorized as a bishounen due to how young he sounds in some covers. However, his voice can also reach some level of ikemen tone at points.

His voice is considered mainly Alto. Though he can reach high notes for his vocal range, as seen in the first seconds of his cover of GLIDE. His voice can be categorized as energetic, playful, and clear, having an indistinguishable tone of mischievous yet powerful vividness. 

His former partner in collaboration with other youtaite Reoni, her soft, edgy, Bijin voice fitting perfectly with his Bishounen energy. They usually work together on rap versions of Vocaloid songs, an example being their cover of nqrse's version of Ifuudoudou .

His most popular cover is Again which recently reached 900+ views on Youtube.

Affiliations and Collaborated ProjectsEdit

  1. Member of Esente
  2. "Matryoshka" (2015.03.01) [With Reoni]
  3. Jabberwocky Jabberwocka (2015.03.25) [With Reoni]
  4. "Delusion Tax {rap ver.}" (2015.04.23) [With Reoni]
  5. "+REVERSE" [With Joe] (2015.05.31)
  6. "Super Nuko World" [With Neku]
  7. "News 39" [With Crab and Reoni] (2015.06.19)
  8. "Scrumize" [With Reoni] (2015.09.03)
  9. Hikaru Nara [Chorus] (2015.01.06)
  10. "Isshin Furan" [ft. Kurokon] (2015.10.06)
  11. "Remote Control"[With Sasyachiru] (2016.17.01)
  12. "KANKAN★DANCIN" [With Pyon] (2016.13.04)
  13. shake it! (eng&rap ver.) [With ButaUsagi and Snivy]

List of Covered SongsEdit

  1. "Echo" (2015.02.13)
  2. "Hibikase" (2015.02.19)
  3. "GLIDE" (2015.02.25)
  4. "Unravel (dj-jo remix)" (2015.03.18)
  5. "Naruto Shippuden OP 3 - Bluebird" (2015.05.02)
  6. "Chubyou Gekihatsu Boy" (2015.06.05)
  7. "Sugar Song to Bitter Step" (2015.06.23)
  8. "Undead Enemy" (2015.07.01)

"Brave Shine" (2015.30.07)

  1. "Goya no Machiawase (dj-Jo remix)" (2015.07.19)
  2. "Uragiri no Yuuyake" (2015.08.28)
  3. "Brains Geist" (2015.08.31)
  4. "Palette (piano ver.)" (2015.09.13)
  5. "Desiring Too Much (English)" (2015.09.24)
  6. "B C" (2015.09.28)
  7. "Hibikase (Re-up)" (2015.10.22)
  8. "Kyouran Hey Kids!!" (2015.11.11)
  9. "Crystalline (rap ver.)" (2015.11.17)
  10. "Ikanaide" (2015.12.25)
  11. "talking (English)" (2016.09.06)
  12. "Ghost Rule (English)" (2016.01.31)
  13. "Insight (English)" (2016.02.13)
  14. "L.L.L (English)" (2016.02.29)
  15. "scaPEGoat" (2016.03.16)
  16. "ECHO (Yunosuke remix)" (2016.05.06.)
  17. "Outer Science (shirou novaleinn remix)" (2016.05.14)
  18. "Bad Dance Hall" (2016.06.30)
  19. "Dappou Rock" (2016.07.21)
  20. "Again" (2016.07.31)
  21. "ARROW" (2016.08.09)
  22. "Re:Re:" (2016.09.12)
  23. "Love Me If You Can" (2016.10.31)
  24. "Numb (Linkin Park Cover)" (2016.12.06)
  25. "Sore Wa Chiisana Hikari no Youna" (2016.12.24)
  26. "I Can't Fix You (TLT cover)" (2016.12.28)
  27. "Taking Off (One OK Rock cover)" (2017.01.11)
  28. "Terminating the World" (2017.01.23)


  • He is a proficient pianist
  • He loves to belt.
  • Aside from singing, Densha is also an amateur author.
  • He acquired the name "Densha" from watching a Japanese series called "Densha Otoko". That and one of his favorite anime is "Rail Wars". Densha literally means "Electric Train", so he decided on it to honor both series.
  • His favorite Utaites are Kradness, Reol, JubyPhonic, Akiakane, Soraru, 96Neko, and Hanatan
  • His favorite Western artists are Ne-Yo, Usher, Logic, Childish Gambino, Linkin Park, Chance the Rapper, and many more.
  • He is a forward for his high school's soccer team.
  • He will sometimes do a small amount of voice acting at the beginning or end of his covers.
  • He uses the honorific "pyon" in one of his nicknames. "pyon" is said to mean "Just Kidding!" and is usually not said loudly. So when he uses the nickname Den-pyon, it literally translates to "Den, just kidding!"

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