• TheFlyingKyte

    Can't we just get some 2 round CBs instead of 3/4 rounds. Seriously, inexperiened judges on a ragtag long CB is gonna be a mess at this rate. Biased judges putting favor to one group instead of being mindful to the skill and effort of another group just cause they have beef with one of their members. Y'all can enjoy the competition and the drama but in the end, you better make it worthwhile to the group that pulled in 1st place through that mess... 

    Oh, also, people expect prizes if they win, so don't bitchout on them on your false promises... :y

    So, what have you experienced in ****** CBs?

    The constant memes and unseriousness from judges/teammates, the stupidly vague one word themes per round where you'll have make an elaborate story out of …

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  • Aochan216

    i didn't think i'd need to restate this but please, PLEASE follow the Tutorial and Requirements pages (including the required template shown on the Tutorial page)- they're there for a reason. the EXAMPLE PAGE is also there for a reason- to help you and show you how your page is supposed to look and be.

    your pages need to fit the required template and, as stated on the EXAMPLE PAGE, you need to have sources (references) to any statements or claims made about yourself as a youtaite, or whatever youtaite you're making a page for. i can't be online every day or edit every article myself, nor should i have to. 

    you NEED to read the Tutorial and Requirements before making or editing pages and you NEED to use the required template. it's a requirement, …

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  • Aochan216

    Please stop adding categories that are irrelevant or not created by the admins. I've been seeing categories based on ethnicity, categories that are simply alternative wordings to already existing categories (e.g. a category called "Youtaite female" has been made, even though "Female Youtaites" already exists..).. it's annoying and unnecessary.

    If there is a category Youtaite Wiki does not have that you feel is necessary and relevant and needed, please contact one of the Admins and bring it up to us. We will consider using it and listing it on the navigation page. Otherwise, making extra categories is not needed and may cause confusion to guests among the wiki.

    - ambo (talk) 01:39, October 11, 2016 (UTC)

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  • Aochan216

    Hello! This is founder/admin Ambo here! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

    As you may have noticed, we have a new Admin, Admin Yumin. (He also helped to found this wiki before it got popular.) We are making some changes to this Wiki in terms of rules. As there are so many pages here not worth reading due to incompletion, we will be taking action and deleting incomplete pages. Please do not make a page unless you are willing to finish it.

    In addition, please head to the Tutorial and Requirements pages to see what's new and what's changed; a new template is required and pages will be edited by the Admins accordingly. Of course, we greatly encourage your help in editing your pages. After all, you're part of this community/Wiki too and it's unfair to expect us to do all the wo…

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  • Narukamiyumin


    October 9, 2016 by Narukamiyumin

    hi everyone!

    i'm one of your (semi-)newer mods, yumin! i've edited a lot of stuff and deleted some dead pages (which is still in progress;;), so, with that said-

    feel free to check over the rules and anything else that may have changed! also, if i happened to delete one of your pages for not following by rules- feel free to just remake it following the rules now! i mostly just edited pages, though, so don't worry too much on that.

    i'm still going through pages, though (i'll comment here once i think i've gotten through everything), so, keep up with updates! 

    current updates, though (there will be a comment thread letting people know of updates to this post on this part!):

    • a ton of pages were deleted, normally for being incomplete or not linking…
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  • Aochan216

    Hi, guys! I just wanted to bring it to your attention that, while we encourage creating pages for yourself as a youtaite, it's good to work on pages for other Youtaites too. If there's a popular, famous, or even unrecognized/unheard-of youtaite that you know of or like, please make a page for them, or edit their page if they already have one. Contribution here is very slow compared to Utaite Wiki (which I'm guilty of as well), and it's good to make/edit pages for youtaites other than yourself.

    EDIT: Also, please do not copy Youtaite articles from Utaite Wiki and paste them onto here. That's considered plagiarism. If you know about a youtaite, create and edit your own page for them. I'll add this to the rules later.

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  • Aochan216


    October 13, 2015 by Aochan216

    heya, keromin here!!! ( ◞・౪・) i changed the look/design of YT Wiki and i really like it but i wanted to know what yall think! is there anything you think i (or other admins) could change to make it look better, seem more professional, be more concise etc... id really appreciate feedback about the wiki's design and general aesthetic so feel free to voice your opinions on anything about it at all!

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  • FonaCall

    On making your own posts...

    September 30, 2015 by FonaCall

    So, there are a LOT of Youtaite here who make their own page, since this is a more or less open wikia, and the standards are lower than that of the Utaite Wikia.

    But please, make them articles worth reading.

    The purpose of having a Wikia page here is to inform people on who you are, what you do as a Youtaite (or some other role like artist, mixer, animator, translyricist, seiyuu), etc. and not just say, I dunno, you have the voice of an angel, you're awesome, you can reach notes that not a lot of people can and not actually give anyone something to base those over-the-top descriptions of yourself on. Put links to your covers, (whether it's solo or collab), give people your vocal range (like, what notes do you hit), put pictures of yourself o…

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  • Aochan216

    song suggestions???

    September 28, 2015 by Aochan216

    yo, does anyone have any suggestions for what i should sing (or rather what u'd like me to sing)?? i'm getting active in the YT community again but idk what to sing so please help me out here! i really want to keep my channel active and maybe get my covers and channel more attention!

    by the way i'm an alto, if thatll give you a better idea for what songs would be good for me!

    P.S. heres my youtube channel 8)

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  • RemnantHikari

    Novice Youtaite

    April 28, 2015 by RemnantHikari

    Hi, I'm a new youtaite in the community and I would like some tips on singing. Singing a cover is great but it also requires breath control and probably the same pitch of voice, so this could also help new youtaites gather up their potential here as well.

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  • Emuchan

    I noticed that a lot of prevolant Youtaites aren't listed on here, so I think we should kinda get a list of suggestions. :3 I see that this is a new page and understand that it takes time to develop, but I'd like to make sure everyone's opinions are heard!

    For starters, I find that UNCOOL and Kathy-chan are very talented, very influential Youtaites. UNCOOL isn't very active because of life business, but she's a great part of the community and sings gorgeously! And Kathy-chan is not only sweet, but she's very active and does great work!

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  • Shihoseragaki

    Do you know of any good, cheap microphones? Preferably about 30 dollars and under. And, sorry if I seem picky or anything, but; they have to be USB ones, because my computer doesn't work with non-USB microphones.

    Thank you!

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  • Nagimae me.

    February 4, 2013 by Nagimae

    As much as I am aware that I'm not exactly... known on here yet--literally made this account TODAY--, I need help.

    My first cover.

    What song should I sing? Any recommendations?

    Thank you for recommending any.


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  • Harukazu


    January 11, 2013 by Harukazu

    I'll be making a page for myself, after I make my first cover. I might do Roorin Gaaru, Migikata no Chou, or Mairisu Dame. ((Rolling Girl, Butterfly on Your Right Shoulder, Don't Mylist Me!)) The only problem is, at the moment, my mouth keeps hurting for whenever I have to open my mouth wide, like for singing in Japanese, 'shinaide'. The 'i' and 'a' sounds I can't do right. It's gotten better since yesterday, but it still hurts a bit. I might be able to do a cover after I finish my schoolwork for today. Anyway, what song should I do? I'm currently learning those, so it'd be nice if you could choose out of those.. it's alright for you to choose another, and I will eventually try covering each song suggested. ...Unless it's The Disappearance…

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