Belphegor art by shironeko

Art by Shironeko commissioned for Pierrot Tagalog Duet

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Belphegor (belphegorotaku) is a YouTube Utaite who likes to sing Anime and Vocaloid songs, he started by doing Tagalog Lyrics and Covering them in the year 2012, he was inspired by Kitsi one the most famous Utaite who makes Tagalog lyrics that time. He was also inspired by Halyosy. His first upload of his Tagalog Cover was on January 24 2012 which is a Tagalog version of "Hare Hare Yukai Ver. Kyon". And his first Vocaloid cover was "Yuuhi Saka".

Japanese ベルフェゴール
NND Page Belphegor
Gender Male
Origin Philippines
Age 18
Status Active
Years active 2012-present
YT channel Belphegor
Other activities

Mixing, Animating

Affiliations and Collaboration ProjectsEdit

  1. Good friends with Vash, Cassie and Fero

List of Covered SongsEdit

  1. "Hare Yukai ~Kyon's Version~" (2012.1.24)
  2. "【TAGALOG】MELT Male Ver. Cover"(2012.8.6)(Private)
  3. "【TAGALOG】DoReMiFa Rondo" (2012.8.6)(Private)
  4. "Part of that World-Otaku Ver.(An Anime)" (Parody)(2012.8.12)(Private)
  5. "(Acoustic) Black★Rock Shooter" (2012.8.20)(Private)
  6. "【TAGALOG】My Love is a Stapler~Male Version" (2012.9.13)(Private)
  7. "【TAGALOG】Just Be Friends" (2012.10.6)(Private)
  8. "Distance" (2012.10.11)(Private)
  9. "【TAGALOG】Crossing Field" (2012.11.30)(Unlisted)
  10. "【TAGALOG】Dango Daikazoku" (2012.12.1)(Removed due to Copyright)
  11. "Aoi Shiori (Super Crack Crappy Cover with no Practice and Wrong Lyrics)" (One Shot Cover)(2012.12.17)(Private)
  12. "Dare Demo Ii Kara Tsuki Aitai" (2012.12.20)(Private)
  13. "【ENGLISH】PONPONPON Acoustic Ver" (2012.12.22)(Private)
  14. "[PU:Secret Santa Yuuhi Saka(Merry Christmas 46虎)]" (2012.12.24)(Private)
  15. "(Belphegor x Shay) Suki Kirai" (2012.12.31)(Private) Shay
  16. "(Belphegor x 46虎) Sunshine" (2013.1.13) 46虎
  17. "(Belphegor ft. LureEndsCallin) Pierrot" (2013.1.16)(Private) LureEndsCallin
  18. "【TAGALOG】Happy Synthesizer" (2013.2.9)(Private)
  19. "【TAGALOG】Black★Rock Shooter" (2013.2.11)
  20. "マジLOVE1000% Piano Version" (One Shot Cover)(2013.2.23)(Private)
  21. "(Belphegor x Sakuno)Magnet 歌ってみた"(2013.2.26) Sakuno
  22. "【TAGALOG】Love Distance Long Affair" (2013.3.14)
  23. "(Belphegor x Dezzi) Magnet" (2013.3.15)(Private) Dezzi
  24. "(Belphegor x Vash)【TAGALOG】Crybaby Boyfriend" (2013.3.20) Vash
  25. "(Belphegor x Shay)The Wolf That fell in love with Little Red Riding Hood " (2013.3.26) Shay
  26. "Kawaii Voice Meme" (2013.3.31)
  27. "Yaoi Voice Meme" (2013.4.2)(Private)
  28. "【TAGALOG】We Are!" (2013.4.6)
  29. "(Bephegor x Casey)" (2013.4.7) Casey
  30. "(Belphegor x Isaya)【TAGALOG】Hatsukoi no Ehon"(2013.4.17) Isaya
  31. "【6人合唱】「はぴばゆ」を歌ってみた"(2013.4.22)
  32. "Me and My Friend Unicorn"(2013.4.26)
  33. "Renai Circulation" (One Shot Cover)(2013.4.26)
  34. "【TAGALOG】Smiling(sample)" (2013.5.5)
  35. "(Belphegor x Shay)【ENGLISH】Hyadain no Kakakata☆Kataomoi-c" (2013.6.14) Shay
  36. "【TAGALOG】Sobakasu" (2013.7.25)
  37. "【LoL Parody】QQQ" (2013.8.1)
  38. "【TAGALOG】Hatsukoi no Ehon~Another Story" (2013.8.2)
  39. "【7人合唱 + 1】Undefined" (2013.8.9)
  40. "(Belphegor x Vash) Matryoshka" (2013.8.30) Vash
  41. "Renai Circulation short ver." (2013.9.1)
  42. "【LoL Parody】Mystic Mystic Shot" (2013.9.19)
  43. "【10人合唱】Dare Demo ii Kara Tsukiaitai (クラック)" (2013.9.26)
  44. "(Belphegor x Vash) Boku Mitai na Kimi, Kimi Mitai na Boku" (2013.11.10) Vash
  45. "Tsukeruyo" (2013.12.11)
  46. "【TAGALOG】Yakimochi no Kotae" (2014.1.6)
  47. "(Belphegor x Vash) from Y to Y" (2014.1.21) Vash
  48. "(Belphegor x Fearie) Kill Me Baby ED" (2014.2.2) Fearie
  49. "(妖魔 xかおるxBelphegor)Yakusoku no Kizuna Male Ver." (2014.2.6)
  50. "(Belphegor x Vash) Nakimushi Kareshi" (2014.2.7) Vash
  51. "Te-Yut-Te" (2014.2.15)
  52. "La, La, Love You" (2014.6.5)
  53. "【TAGALOG】ロリババアに恋をした" (2014.7.3)
  54. "(Belphegor x Syren) Daisy" (2014.7.10) Syren
  55. "【TAGALOG】Confession Rival Declaration" (2014.7.18)
  56. "(Belphegor x Vash) 【TAGALOG】Pierrot" (2014.7.24) Vash
  57. "(Acoustic)ヤキモチの答え/Yakimochi no Kotae ver. Belphegor " (2014.8.16)
  58. "(Belphegor x Natsu)【Polish x Filipino】Ton Ton Mae " (2014.8.22) Natsu
  59. "マトリョシカ/Matryoshka ver. Belphegor ft. Mr.Rain " (2014.924)
  60. "(Belphegor x Sphynx) Suki Kirai" (2014.10.5) Sphinx
  61. "(Belphegor x Nae)【French x Filipino】Suki Kirai" (2014.10.6) Nae
  62. "【Tagalog】Yuukei Yesterday ver. Belphegor" (2014.11.2)
  63. "【Tagalog】Dango Daikazoku" (2014.11.7)


  • He is a certified Kitsi Fan.
  • He likes Cats.
  • He use to have a crush on Halyosy.
  • He knows Taekwondo.
  • He loves to play League of Legends.
  • He likes cute voices.
  • He loves HoneyWorks' Songs.

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