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A sample of a cover song by ❄kyune,
If - 無力P(MuryokuP)



❄kyune is a Youtaite with a mature and smooth voice which is distinguishable among other singers. Her range is quite large as she is capable of hitting high notes with ease and considers herself a soprano.

Kyune YT

❄kyune's YouTube profile picture

She is a relatively new Youtaite, having started out in late December 2013. She is active in a few choruses, and enjoys participating in chorus/solo battles.
Alias ❄kyune
Gender Female
Current Location United Kingdom
Born Hong Kong
Status Active
Years active 2013-present
YT channel ❄kyune
Other activities

Mixing, Voice Acting, Drawing

Solo CoversEdit

Collaborations and DuetsEdit


  • ❄kyune comes from Hong Kong, but currently resides in the United Kingdom 
  • She speaks English, Cantonese, Mandarin Chinese and a bit of German
  • She has a low speaking voice, but is a soprano
  • Though she is outgoing and friendly when meeting new Youtaite and chatting to people in choruses, she is described as a kuudere in real life
  • Her favourite colour is green
  • Her best friend is gt'mochi♐ as they did a Youtaite Best Friends Voice Meme together