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Remuru, Remu or Remy-chan, is a female youtaite who joined the community in 2015. She is also an amateur artist in deviantart but most of the times she traditionally draws and practice singing every day of her life. 

Name ♫Remuru♫
Age 17
Gender Female
Origin United States
Born Minnesota
Status Active
Years active 2015-Present
YT channel ♫Remuru♫
Other activities

Drawing, Gaming,

Being on social media

Remu will cover mostly VOCALOID songs, other anime-related songs to her liking, and some childhood songs she remembers or modern day songs that are good.

She has talents in dancing but never so often does it despite her feet being coordinated, but she does a lot of gaming of anime-related MMORPGs.

List of Covered Songs Edit

  1. Hikari (Fragile Dreams) Piano Cover
  2. Yugioh 5Ds - Hyperdrive Cover(private)
  3. How To- World Domination(Piano Version) English

Trivia Edit

  • A fan of Shinano.
  • Ethnicity is Hmong.
  • She started to improve her voice around the year 2014.
  • Despite being a creative artist, she is really bad at crafting.
  • She can't cook that well too, sadly.
  • Her original name was RemnantHikari but she changed it because it was too long for her.

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