need helps

bundling questions in a post to avoid spamous activity

1.雨色./ameiro is she active now? or changed name
EXIT TUNES PRESENTS 10代うたってみたライブ!BEST;MGS ~Morning glow and Sunset~
she have albums though
2. fm-kun's melost imitation ver.sounds exactly like the main version posted on YT melost official ch.
why? it's impossible to exactly same.or did fm-kun copy pasted
3. any series songs like pierott by senka?
4. is Fukase from Sekai No owari's semi-autoned voice real?>
I had many questions cant remember now; aaaaaa
I am will receive my AT2020 usb+ mic delivery on 26th june;dont know what should i do;what might be optimal settings for it? or mixing tips for this mic? >///<
5. how to download from NND
which anime is it?
where to find ハロー大豆の歌 天月 / Hello Daizu no Uta 天月?(solved but cant download it
also find Adolescence" Nv (Parody of "Cendrillon") feat. Amatsuki and Komatsuna (2010.08.06) (Private)
and "LIFE!!~ Egao no Kakehashi" - Released on March 09, 2015

Theme song of the docomo's Rainbow Project
"Myoujou no Hana (Sword of the Stars)" - Released on December 16, 2016

Theme song of the stage play "Kenshin Shogun Yoshiteru - a refreshing star shining in Sengoku ~"

"Koi Toiu Okurimono" (A Gift Called Love) - Released on December 6, 2017

Insert song for the Confession Executive Committee Love Series anime "Itsu Datte Bokura no Koi wa 10 cm Datta."